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If, while reading the card above – which I got from one of my former students - you are thinking that I am bragging, you are correct (and I have more! Just click on this link to hear the voices of my former students)!


Every time when I start a course I tell students to read the disclaimer in the syllabus, which says (in part):

It is a well-known fact that different people might have different taste in food or art, or anything else. Your friends might love horror movies but you might hate them, or you might like sushi but your friends will never eat it. The same is true for choosing your instructor. There is no ideal teacher who would be equally good for everyone. Different people have different learning stiles, students have different backgrounds, different instructors have different teaching styles, and it is just impossible to equally accommodate every student in a classroom by offering the same lectures, exercises, questions, demonstrations, etc. That is why some students might find instructions as too fast but others as too slow; too easy or too challenging. This course is not for everyone, in the past some students liked it and some didn’t. Everyone is welcomed to check what previous students thought of my teaching (http://www.teachology.xyz/evvv.html)”.

 So, when I get a card like the one sited above I feel proud of myself, and do not see anything wrong in bragging about it!

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