Welcome to Teachology Consulting, LLC.


Our mission is helping educators and institutions of all levels with improving current teaching practices, and adopting or developing new teaching practices, answering the demands of students, teachers, parents and administrators.


We offer:

·       Analytical audit of individual teaching practice, with following recommendations on how to advance it.

·       Team building workshops.

·       Introduction and deep immersion into professional reflection, including identifying challenges, designing new professional experiences, structuring new collaborative views and ideas.

·       Introduction and deep immersion into professional designing – a unique socio-mechanical technique for facilitating and supporting in a humanitarian system processes of transformative development.

·       90 to 120 minute lectures, and 1 to 5 day or 1 to 3 week workshops on contemporary teaching practices: fundamental ideas, challenges and trends; “how to” exercises and adoption techniques.

·       Consulting in strategic planning on individual, institutional and district levels.

·       Adaptation and development of qualitative and quantitative tools for assessing the quality of teaching on individual, institutional and district levels.

·       Continuous semester long support, including a “hot line” for teachers and administrators seeking immediate help.

·       Professional position audit of prospective employees during a hiring process.


Please, contact Dr. Valentin Voroshilov at teachology@teachology.xyz

Prof. Voroshilov, I’m at a loss for words to express my gratitude. In all of my years of school, from elementary, into high school, and through college, I have been blessed with top-notch teachers. But I’m pretty sure you take the cake. =>

Some of our publications

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A Map of Operationally Connected Categories as an instrument for classifying physics problems and a basis for developing a novel tool for measuring learning outcomes in physics.

Learning aides for students taking physics.

Math self-test for students planning on taking a physics course.

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