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The world is constantly changing!

To remain relevant, every administrator and every teacher regularly makes adjustments required by the changes in the professional, social, political, or scientific environment. Avery administrator and teacher may benefit from an analytical assessment of a tactical, strategic, and structural consistency of the managing actions they apply to manage their system (a class, a school, a district). At EAP we offer a variety of effective tools, instrumental for optimizing administrative and teaching practices.

Such tools include:

* documentation analysis (optimization of a syllabus, laboratory manuals, handouts, homework assignments, quizzes, exams, grading procedures);

* Class observations;

* Summative presentations on the new teaching and administrative practices;         

* Individual and group consulting;      

* Group and institutional workshops.

We have our feelings. We make sense of things.

       Feelings are had.     Sense is made.

Making requires time, effort, energy, persistence, building blocks (e.g. various pieces of information). Making sense requires work. This work usually requires help, guidance - at least at the beginning.

Making sense is a skill. This skill can be nurtured, advanced, guided - at least at the beginning.

Students of a good guide (a.k.a. teacher) get better at that skill. Students of a not so good guide get not so good at that skill.

That is why the most important goal of the education reform should be reforming teacher preparation.

Advancing Comprehensive STEM Education

Structuring Continuous Teacher Professional Development

Intensive Team-Building Bootcamp

Welcome to EAP.

I am Dr. Valentin Voroshilov (click here for  more info).

The mission of the EAP is to help individual educators or institutions of all levels with advancing teaching practices, adopting and developing new teaching methods and strategies to answer the demands of students, teachers, parents and administrators.

EAP offers:

Analytical audit of an individual teaching practice, with following recommendations on how to advance it.

Team building workshops.

Introduction or/and deep immersion into professional reflection, including identifying challenges, designing new professional experiences, structuring new collaborative views and ideas.

Introduction or/and deep immersion into professional designinga unique socio-mechanical technique for facilitating and supporting in a humanitarian system processes of transformative development.

90 to 120 minute lectures, and 1 to 5 day or 1 to 3 week workshops on contemporary teaching practices: fundamental ideas, challenges and trends; “how to” exercises and adoption techniques.

Consulting in strategic planning and educational innovations on individual, institutional and district levels.

Adaptation and development of qualitative and quantitative tools for assessing the quality of teaching on individual, institutional and district levels.

Continuous semester long support, including a “hot line” for teachers and administrators seeking immediate help.

Professional position audit of prospective employees during a hiring process.



Please, contact => Dr. Valentin Voroshilov <= at teachology@teachology.xyz

Voices from my students

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The 1st Law of TeachOlogy








Five Projects Critical For Education

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Every evolution has stages and phases.

The birth of a knowledgeable and skillful human follows specific laws, like the birth of a human baby.

Skipping those stages is impossible. 

Alternating those stages will lead to “birth defects”.

That is why we need to know the laws, so we could fulfill the mission of K12 education!

The Zero-th Law of TeachOlogy:

Buildings do not teach students, busses do not teach students, even books and computers do not really teach students. Until robots or aliens take over the world

Teachers teach students!

That is why ALL educational policies and decisions must by tested by this question:

How does this action help teachers' professional growth?”



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